Just Flight - Space Shuttle FSX

Just Flight - Space Shuttle FSX 1.0

Space Shuttle FSX is an expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX)

Just Flight - Space Shuttle FSX 1.0 is an expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX). The add-on features panels which include hi-res 2D, virtual cockpit, Commander view 2D panel, HUD, exterior model animation control panel, simicons panel, radio panel and GPS panels. It also features a video ‘launch’ to start the program and set the scene for the journey back to terra firma. There are amazing animations include payload bay doors, SRMS (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System), drag chute, radiators and landing gear. The expansion includes a voice package with 19 cues based on actual crew and Mission Control communications. This operates in real time according to current flight situation. It also has radio aids that provide original Space Shuttle -19°/-17° steep OGS glide slope and shallow glide slope for runway 15 and 33 at the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (X68) in Florida. The manual features a custom tutorial prepared by Just Flight to guide virtual astronauts back to Earth. The add-on has six Shuttle orbiters that are modeled and the systems and avionics are re-created to an extremely high level of detail. The add-on has a high grade of realism, graphics, animations and sound that provides challenges and adventure to the user.

R. Fernandez
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  • Amazing graphic details


  • Advance skill level required
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